Financial Support

Fall Aid Program- 2022

A central part of our mission is to support Black and queer writers and content creators as they pursue their purpose and goals. As such, we rely on community donations to fund a range of financial needs including application fees, housing costs, fellowship registration costs, and many other fees associated with learning and producing work.

Read more below about how you can apply or support this important work.

Information for Applicants:

Each year, we host financial support programs to assist undergraduates, grad students, fellowship and residency applicants, and other students, artists, and apprentices seeking aid for their educational and developmental objectives. To qualify for assistance, applicants must fill out a brief questionnaire and provide contact information to receive their stipend.

Information for Supporters:

We rely on community support to raise money for Black and queer folx. You can support this work with one-time donations to our PayPal (make sure to mark these funds as “Mutual Aid Donation”). You can also support this work by subscribing to our Patreon for at least $5 per month.

Past Programs:

Since spring 2020, we have been hosting mutual aid drives in support of Black and queer writers and content creators. In fall 2020 alone, we raised nearly $5,000 which was fully allocated to students and learners.